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NameSniper - developed by experts, for experts!

EPP, DAC Hosted Drop Catching Solutions

If you are looking for a proven system to drop catch UK domains, Namesplace can provide a dedicated Nominet EPP DAC solution for catching domains on a regular basis. Ideal for affiliaite marketers, domainers and web companies.

'NameSniper' - developed by experts, for domain experts.

Our DAC/EPP Hosted dropcatching software interfaces with Nominet's latest EPP server, enabling fast real-time domain acquisition of dropping domain names. Our servers are less than 2ms from Nominet servers which means fast communications and a high success rate.

Drop Catching Script: tested and proven results

Our drop catching solution has been developed and advanced with over 3 years of testing against other drop catching systemss available on the market. Name Sniper' performed with a 75% better success rate for catching UK domains. Try it out for yourselves with our FREE TRIAL.


Drop Catching Software: the benefits and scenarios


  • Acquiring an already established domain is a clear advantage if starting a new online business, affiliate site, ecommerce shop or a news blog
  • An already trusted domain with an existing history, backlinks and online visitors.
  • A domain with already established link popularity gives you a head start in search engine optimisation and keyword placements in getting your sites keywords ranking in Google, yahoo and Bing.
  • Gain a domain name from a previous online business from a wide range of industry sectors;finance and business, insurance, health, sport, online retail, travel & leisure.
  • Looking for a keyword rich domain? Catch the best domains here at NamesPlace.
  • Build your own network of supporting domains to enhance your online presence and digital footprint.