NamesPlace is based on over 10 years of experience in domains and publishing and are offering a range of services for clients across a number of industries, from internet marketing to domain acquisition services. One of our core services highlighted in this article is  ’domain drop catching’ – a dedicated solution using Nominet EPP standards.

During the past 3 years, we have been busy developing a drop catching service that can compete with all other drop catchers. The result is NAMESNIPER – the best UK domain catching solution available today. Our technology is based on the Extensible Provisioning  (EPP) client-server protocol, that utilises XML to communicate with central Nominet servers.

We have spent many hours in the test lab designing a polling algorithm that can exceed all other drop catching systems.  Our script has been fine tuned and when bench marked and tested against other drop catching solutions on the market, has proved to be an exceptional domain catching solution with a superior catch ratio.

namesniper interface

Here’s a snapshot of the NameSniper drop catching interface version 1.01a and control panel.  This is your unique login where you upload your target domains, schedule the service and polling method (singular or rotational), and view your domain catch history.

There are a number or additional features planned for NameSniper in the next release, scheduled for May/June 2012 rollout, which will enable you to manually select polling periods, and time slots on different dates, for different domain names, thus benefiting from more user control, targeted catches and increased success rates.

There are also a planned NameSniper domain research tool feature which will automatically suggest domain names, based on our domain appraisal algorithm and a user-defined set of selection rules.

Also look out for the NameSniper mobile app for iPad and Android, planned for the 4th quarter of 2012, which will have some cool features for remote domain management.

We hope this gives you an insight into the NameSniper product and web based interface, and shows you how easy it is to catch UK domains.


Trial NameSniper – the UK’s  Superior Drop Catching Service 

NAMESNIPER is now available to anyone looking for a high success rate in catching the most sought after UK domain names. Why not trial NAMESNIPER and start catching the most valuable UK domains on a regular basis.  To Apply for a NameSniper  Trial – Click Here >>


What is Domain Drop Catching?

Drop catching is the process of acquiring domains as they are deleted and not required by their existing owner.  All domains have an expiry date, although this isn’t the actual date it becomes available to the general public or through a domain registrar.  For domains, if say a domains expiry date is the 20th April 2011 and the owner of a domain does not renew by the expiration date of the domain, , the domains status is changed to the “expired”.  For the next 30 days, the domain is in what the industry call a ‘grace period’ where the domain is still unavailable for registration and closed off, but the domain owner may still renew the domain within this period.

Believe it or not, this happens a lot and often a domain owner will forget to renew their domain.  There are hundreds of valuable, authority domains, and com that are dropped every day of the year.


How Can I Catch Quality Domain Names?

One of the options to catch a domain is to subscribe to NamesPlace for FREE, to obtain a live drop list of domain names that are expiring over the next 7 days.

We use domain drop catching technology that allows us to catch your domain on your behalf, as it expires through Nominet Internet Registry organisation.  There maybe other professionals also seeking the same domains, so we are competing with other people (just like an auction), but you only pay for the domain when we catch it for you.

You may be a professional domainer, an SEO company or a marketing agency or one of the many affiliate marketers making money from online websites. What ever your goals it’s important to acquire the best quality domains. To analyse a domain name, we have designed a free domain tool to help analyse various domain attributes and ranking data.


Domains Research Tool: explore and investigate your domains

The NamesPlace Domain Research Tool will assist you find domains with the highest search engine traffic, backlinksPageRankAlexa™ rank, whois details, wayback archive statistics and much more. We assign an SEO ranking to your domain, therefore allowing you to appraise and compare your domain names. You can also sort and filter your domain list.  To try out our domain research tool, click here >>